Erik is an active diver and underwater photographer based in Los     
Angeles, CA. He was born in Denver, Colorado, but moved to Southern
California at a young age, where his love for the ocean started. Erik
spent summers and quite a few days during his school years in and on
the water surfing with his father. His interest in marine life began
early...he recalls flipping the pages of "The Ocean World" by Jacques
Cousteau as a kid. A family trip to Eleuthera, Bahamas and a
snorkeling encounter with a pair of Spotted Eagle Rays created a
lasting memory. He later had the distinct honor of meeting Jacque
Cousteau in person when he gave the commencement speech at Erik's
college graduation.

Having been introduced to film photography at a young age, Erik
continued to pursue his passion and engaged in as many photographic
opportunities as he could. While living in Paris, France in early
1990's he worked with photo agencies shooting news and current events,
and later fashion and editorial work. Once he figured out he could
bring a camera into the water he was hooked.

Erik now leads underwater photo workshops to many of the world's most
amazing locations. He has a particular interest in macro photography
and an endless fascination with the ocean's smallest subjects.

See more of Erik's work at [1] or on Instagram
@seeundersea [2]